Due to new rules that came into effect Jan 1, 2021 (thanks, Brexit), shipping to the UK has become a lot more complicated. This unfortunately means that we are now unable to ship orders of under $200 to the UK, due to new VAT rules on parcels valued under this amount.

Orders of over $200 are still able to be processed. You should expect to be charged customs fees in order to receive the parcel - these fees are usually the VAT that would have been charged had you purchased the item in the UK, plus a handling fee. 

These charges are unfortunately beyond our control and not covered by our shipping charges. We are not responsible for any customs or duties incurred. 

We recommend keeping a very close eye on your tracking number. Lately it seems that Royal Mail have not been notifying customers that customs fees are due, and if these fees aren't paid within 2 weeks the item is returned to sender. So once your tracking number shows the item has reached the UK, you may need to call Royal Mail in order to pay the customs fees and have the item delivered. 

We are working to try to find a way around the $200 order limit, but at present we are stuck with this situation. Don't vote Tory :)