Fede ring - silver Fede ring - silver Fede ring - silver Fede ring - silver

Fede ring - silver


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Clasped hands are an ancient symbol of friendship, love, and loyalty. Fede rings were often used as wedding bands in Roman and medieval times. The name derives from the Italian “mani in fede” meaning “hands clasped in faith.”

This piece is cast from my original hand carved wax and then finished by hand in my studio.

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Custom metals or engraving available upon request.

This piece is part of our Core Collection - a small selection of favourite pieces, produced in small batches, and released roughly every month. If sold out, you can sign up to be notified as soon as we restock, using the link above - if you select your ring size, it will help us to know which sizes to produce, so we can make sure we’ll have what you need!

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