All metals used in our jewellery are recycled, and all our stones are ethically sourced, either recycled or ethically mined by trusted sources.

All of our pieces are hand crafted, and deliberately retain signs of being hand made. We maintain an unpolished, “ancient” style texture on pieces, and pieces retain an organic quality to their shape and finish. Each piece is finished by hand, so please allow for slight variations in finish. It's in the nature of the handmade process that things will differ slightly - that's what we love about it. 


Jewellery should be treated with care; knocks to jewellery can damage metal or stones. Therefore it is advisable to remove jewellery (especially rings) before doing physical activities such as exercising, gardening, DIY etc. 

All jewellery will take on wear over time, and will develop a texture and patina unique to the wearer. Over a period of years, crisp edges will be softened, textured finishes may be polished smoother, or smooth surfaces may show texture from wear - this is part of what makes the piece your own.

Most of our jewellery is safe for constant daily wear. However, some stones - particularly emeralds, opals, and turquoise - are more fragile and porous, so should not be gotten wet (or come into contact with lotion or perfumes), as it can dull or discolour them. These stones can also break more easily, so you should be extra careful with them and always remove before physical activity.


You can gently clean your jewellery with soap and water and a soft toothbrush (except pieces containing the porous stones mentioned above). Do not use any household chemicals or stiff brushes/scourers on the piece, as they may mark or discolour metal and stones. 

Brass and silver will naturally develop a darker patina over time, as a reaction to the air, moisture, and the wearer's skin. This gives the jewelry an aged look, but if it isn't to your taste, it can also be cleaned off with a treated polishing cloth. If you would like to maintain the bright finish on brass jewelry, it's best to avoid contact with lotions, perfumes and water.